TITLE: This Life Chose ME

Dated: October 25 2019

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Coming off of a moderately successful music career spanning eight years, the question I am constantly getting asked is "Why are you quitting music?" and "What made you decide to go into real estate?"

The answer to me is simple. For one, touring all over the country and being in a different city every night living out of a suitcase, from an outsider's perspective, seems like you're living the dream. The truth is, the older I got, the more grueling it became being away from home and feeling that I was grossly underpaid for the amount of time and effort I exerted into it. I started to understand that the traits I possessed, and my understanding of good business, could be better monotized with the massive network of people I had come to know. I guess the older I got, the more my priorities changed. I recently got engaged to the love of my life and am looking forward to building a family with her in the near future and having a steady way to provide for them.

It's always been important to me to pursue things in life for the RIGHT reasons. That is something I seemed to lose sight of somewhere along the lines in the music industry. I always have, and always will, be in love with the creative process of making music. That is where my true passion resided. In the past year, things started to take a turn where I was only looking for what would make me money and was no longer "creating for a purpose". In other words, I was burned out on the whole process. Make An Album.. Market The Album.. Tour The Album.. just seemed like repetition to me. Sure the fan base would grow a little more each year, but I wasn't seeing any financial stability or longevity I was hoping for by that point. Which no matter what people tell you, IS important in this life when you have people to provide for. I am not done creating music. I am just no longer pursuing it as a primary career.


From a young age, I have always loved looking at houses. From the exterior builds to the interior design.. From a decor perspective to the layout/floorplans.. I guess I just had a fascination with homes in general. I also love the idea that I get to help people find the place they want to call their own. We get to help people that have never owned a house find their very first and help sellers when they need to relocate or find their forever home. Another thing I found appealing is that much like a career in music, you don't have a "boss" breathing down your neck telling you when and how you need to do something. There's a lot of freedom to market the way you want and be creative how you see fit. You set your own schedule and your earnings are simply a reflection of how hard you work. It is a business that never goes out of business. For me, I somewhat thrive on the chaos, and in this line of work there is plenty to go around. I've also heard horror stories about how "hard" it is to be successful in the industry.. but naturally, that just intrigued me more. I've never been one to shy away from a challenge and I'm not afraid to fail. You either win, or you learn.

I was fortunate to find a broker and a team that has been there to help me every step of the way and I look forward to helping build this team alongside them in the future.

THIS IS THE PART WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOME CATCHY PERSONALIZED TAGLINE! I will try to think of a good one for next time! ;)

-Nathan Mills

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TITLE: This Life Chose ME

WHY I CHOSE REAL ESTATE:Coming off of a moderately successful music career spanning eight years, the question I am constantly getting asked is "Why are you quitting music?" and "What made you decide

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